Is fasting a healthy LCHF Diet weight loss option?

Fasting; is it a good idea when it comes to trying to lose weight? Are there risks, and do they out weight the benefits? What is the best and healthiest strategy when it comes to fasting? Hear Dr. Jeff Gerber’s answer on this episode of the LCHF Podcast.


This is the LCHF podcast, I’m Brad Brown, thank you so much for joining us once again today. We head back to Colorado in the US where we’ve got Denver’s Diet Doctor on the podcast once again, Dr Jeff Gerber. Doc, welcome back, nice to catch up once again.

Jeff Gerber: Thanks Brad.

BB: Doc, interesting question and it’s got to do with fasting. Jennifer was asking, funnily enough she asked me to ask you specifically what your take is on fasting in relation to wanting to lose weight. Is it a good idea, does your body, if you almost go into a bit of a time where you’re not eating, does it go into starvation mode? So that the next time you do eat, it ends up hanging onto all that food? Or is fasting good if you want to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting – what it can do for you

JG: That’s a great question Jennifer, I hope I can answer it for you. We think that intermittent fasting is just where you take periods of time during the day when you are skipping meals, but understand you’re actually keeping yourself well hydrated. You’re consuming perhaps broth and you’re getting basic minerals in you, maybe even having some fat bombs. They are just little high fat snacks up to say 300 calories or so during the fasting period.

But the idea is that it resets insulin metabolism, so it gives the body a period of rest and there may be some benefit to it. I don’t think we understand all the principles of it, but when you look back from an evolutionary perspective, the idea is that we sometimes went for long periods of time without eating as we were hunting and gathering.

The suggested right way to fast on the LCHF Diet

So there’s some evolutionary basis for the idea and so it depends, not everyone has to do it. Some people actually feel a benefit from intermittent fasting, some people end up eating less calories in the day from intermittent fasting. Jason from Ontario, Canada is one of the experts in this particular area. We’ve actually learnt quite a bit from him and he was at the low carb summit in CT in February.

But you can do it every other day. What we like is a fast where you actually don’t eat for 20 hours in the day and then there’s a four hour window where perhaps dinner, where you kind of eat until you’re full. You’re not restricting calories, that’s not necessarily what it’s about. But what we observe is that although we kind of de-emphasize calories when we’re trying to help people improve their metabolic markers, if they have problems with insulin or weight issues, eating a little less food can help at the end of the day. I think that intermittent fasting is one way to do that, along with a low carb diet.

BB: I think that’s a bit of great advice, doc, thank you so much for your time today here on the LCHF podcast, much appreciated. Jennifer, thank you for submitting your question. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, all you have to do is head over to our website, That’s where you can get all the show notes for this episode as well, but you can also submit your question there too. Until next time, from myself, Brad Brown and Dr Jeff Gerber, take care, cheers.


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