An LCHF Diet hack for combating Vegetable stomach pain

While the LCHF and banting diets work wonders in many ways, certain people do develop problems. On this episode of the LCHF Podcast, Dr Ann Childers gives advice on what could be causing Sharon to battle with stomach pain after eating cruciferous vegetables. Hear the doc’s trick…


Welcome to this edition of the LCHF podcast, I’m Brad Brown, I’ve got Dr Ann Childers with us once again and we had an interesting question submitted from Sharon. Doc, Sharon says she gets the most excruciating stomach ache if she eats cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and yet those are the veggies that are advocated on the LCHF or Banting lifestyle. She gets seriously bloated and gassy, has that got to do with her gut bacteria or something wrong with her gut bacteria or how could she fix those issues?

Try eating pickled cruciferous vegetables on the LCHF Diet

Ann Childers: Yes, actually it could be from a number of things, including gut bacteria. One of the things she might try is to eat these vegetables that sounds like they’re cruciferous vegetables, when they are pickled, that might got a lot easier for her.

BB: Sharon, I hope that helps and it is frustrating sometimes, but ja, keep on keeping on, I’m sure you’re right on track. Thank you so much for being in touch. You can also be in touch and get your questions submitted if you’d like, all you need to do is head over to the, that’s the URL, submit it there and we could be answering your question next time out.


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