Alzheimer’s is on the up, and as with many diseases, diet is being linked. While the LCHF diet cannot reverse the onset of Alzheimer’s, research shows it come help with improved function. Hear from Dr Ann Childers on this episode of the LCHF Podcast.

Brad Brown: Welcome onto this edition of the LCHF podcast, we’ve got a question in from Samantha today, I’ve got Dr Ann Childers with us once again. Doc, interesting question from Samantha. She said her mom is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s and she wants to know if following a low carb high fat diet will help with the mental side of things and help improve the condition. Obviously it is degenerative and she is going to struggle as time goes on, but could following this eating or this lifestyle assist her mom?

Ann Childers: Theoretically yes. In fact Alzheimer’s per se, is a condition where people have difficulty utilising glucose, which is the fuel that basically runs through the bloodstream in the brain. So, when you supply ketones instead, the brain actually has a fuel that it can use and use handily. Yes, so potentially low carbohydrate, high fat diet has the best chance of gaining improvement in Alzheimer’s.

What Mary T. Newport showed us about Alzheimer’s

There was a very interesting article called: What if There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s and No One Knew, by a woman who is a physician and whose husband had Alzheimer’s. Although his Alzheimer’s did not completely recede and although he did continue to advance, just two tablespoons of virgin or extra virgin coconut oil every day made quite an improvement in his function.

So I think a higher fat diet definitely has potential and even if she just gave her mother two tablespoons of coconut oil each day, she might see an improvement.

BB: Brilliant, what I’ll do is I’ll pop a link to that article as well in the show notes for this episode of the LCHF podcast. Doc, thank you so much for your time. Samantha, thank you for your question, best of luck and we look forward to hearing from you once again. Until next time, it’s cheers.


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